tirsdag 7. juni 2011

English or not

I have a few english speaking friends visiting my blog from time to time and one wondered if I could write in English. Even though I am not ethnic Norwegian, I have lived here all my life(with a few exeptions, studies in the US and ex-pat life in Hong Kong and South Korea). Norwegian is my first language, I feel quite fluent in English but I am more comfortable with Norwegian. I guess that I am afraid to make a fool of my self, but then again I started this blog;) so whom am I kidding;) There is a lot to gain if i use English in this forum, I get to practise the language, which is falling apart from years of not being used. After four years in California in my early twenties I felt that I was equally strong in English and Norwegian, but after living in Norway and Asia my accsent is bouncing up and down and I speak "pidgin".
I contemplated using google translate, but the translation is horrible. 

Have a good evening

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